Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kuiyee is highly recommended the movie name - "Marley and Me"!!!

Hi, everyone...i am highly recommended on the movie
"Marley and Me"~~~
a very very touch movie about the relationship on a dog and human~
it could make anyone of you cry~~

I watched it 2 times and cried for 2 times....

My Cute Little Brother~~ my little brother~~
for me, he is cute~~
See....what the stupid things and action he did~~~
and you know, his primary teacher told my mom that she afraid my brother will become a自闭child....
because he is too quiet in class and school....
But...who know?? how is him when he is at home??
Aha....This is the evidence that captured by my sis~
do you think, is it possible that this type of child will categorized to suspicious on 自闭儿童???
oh my god!

This is what i love~~~

See~Jaychou is good in playing magic too~~

And~this is another my beloved Jaychou's mtv~~

Wow~~kimi o nosete~~

Hi, have you guys watch before a Japanese cartoon series name "castle in the sky"(天空之城)??
i never watch it before, but i believed it is a very nice movie....
KiMi O NoSeTe~~a very touching theme song~~
but i like it more in piano version~~
is it nice?? he is amazing~~hehe,but of course not better than my jaychou la~~haha

Hello, where is my jb's friends???

Now is already 12.59am~~~
i still can't fall sleep.....
countdown.....more 7 days i will be back to johor to meet my dearest friend~~haha...
Guess what am i doing now??
i was watching the video that few of my friends gave me last time before i came miri~

In the video, from left to right....
i will intro each of them to you guys~~
first is Chenhuey~~one of my best friend who has a same birthday date with me~
second one is? Weehua~~~haha, she is good in singing ohh~~~she just join the Astro singing contest wor~~yuhoo...
and the next is...Kahmeng~~~feel like our da jie da~~haha
beside her that very very very nice man..which is kahmeng's boyfriend~~
and the next is Shisiong~~~my form 4 class monitor~
last but not least...Khangwee~~my form 5 class monitor~~
what song they sing for me???
here we go~.....................

heihei,sorry for the low standard video camera and posting oh....make you guy can't see their face...haha
hmmm.....can you hear......what song they sing??

they was singing 范玮琪的一个像夏天一个像秋天oh~~
so touching.............T.T............

hmmm...i am going to sleep soon....good night~

haha~~here is the video~~wow....i am doing well on using blogspot~~

haha~~my dear friends~~
i am rapid improving on using blogspot lou~~
blogspot?? just small case for me only~sab sab shui nia~~haha

ok, here is the smart and cutie golden retriever video~~
ladies and gentlemen~~here you are~~

oh my god~~~it took soooooooooooooooo long for the video uploading~~
i think next time better just give the link......haha
my god my god....

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Haiz,you know~
Curtin is now on holiday~~about one month plus~~
but i will only be going back to my hometown-jb on 6th of july~~
what am i going to do on this weeks???'s really bored for me~~~

haiz haiz..what can i do to spend my time ler???
anyone got idea??~~

i just can online everyday to entertain myself lor....
today i've view some dog's picture and video~~~~oh my god~oh my god~~~
i love dog~~dog are so cute~~
especially is golden retriever!! such a smart dog~
but,you know~ i am new here ma~~
so i don't know how to download video from youtube~~
there is a video that i want to introduce, which i think is cute and funny~~
here is the link~~
feel free to have a look~~

besides, here also some cute dog pic that i wanna to share with you all~~
enjoy it~~

i love this picture~~~sooooooo kawaii ne~~~

are they look cute?
i hope i can have one dog in my future too~~

Hi,everyone~~this is my first day to have my own blog~~~

Hi,everyone~~~27th june 2009~~~a historical date that i having this blog~haha
hmmm...1st post~let me introduce myself first~
my name is Chong Kui Yee, you can call me k.yee~
and this year 2009 i am 19 years old...
i am from johor but now currently live in miri and study in Curtin Sarawak~~
taking degree under-graduate program on Accounting and Finance~
i like purple color and i love jaychou very much~~~
anyone who know me then they should know how deep my love to jaychou~haha
the most important is, my birthday is 20th april 1990~~
everyone who see this remember hor..prepare my present~~wahaha~~hehe
last but not least, i think my reader will be interested on what look am i ba??
look here~~
this is me~~
Ms. k.yee~~~~

hihi,although is not really pretty la~~

but still can look right??
anyway, this is my place~~no one can say i am ugly here~~~wahahaha..just kidding~~
hope my look will not scare you lor~~
keke, ok~~see you guy~~