Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hi,everyone~~this is my first day to have my own blog~~~

Hi,everyone~~~27th june 2009~~~a historical date that i having this blog~haha
hmmm...1st post~let me introduce myself first~
my name is Chong Kui Yee, you can call me k.yee~
and this year 2009 i am 19 years old...
i am from johor but now currently live in miri and study in Curtin Sarawak~~
taking degree under-graduate program on Accounting and Finance~
i like purple color and i love jaychou very much~~~
anyone who know me then they should know how deep my love to jaychou~haha
the most important is, my birthday is 20th april 1990~~
everyone who see this remember hor..prepare my present~~wahaha~~hehe
last but not least, i think my reader will be interested on what look am i ba??
look here~~
this is me~~
Ms. k.yee~~~~

hihi,although is not really pretty la~~

but still can look right??
anyway, this is my place~~no one can say i am ugly here~~~wahahaha..just kidding~~
hope my look will not scare you lor~~
keke, ok~~see you guy~~


  1. hihi
    i think i m de first to step on ur profile^^
    write blog d lur^^
    hope everyday have new stuff to read
    oklar gud luck to u n hope u have a nice holiday^^
    u pretty lurh...
    wat is 'not really pretty' mean wor...

  2. oh? so fast got people commented on my blog le wor~~haha...thanks lor~~my first viewer~~haha