Saturday, June 27, 2009


Haiz,you know~
Curtin is now on holiday~~about one month plus~~
but i will only be going back to my hometown-jb on 6th of july~~
what am i going to do on this weeks???'s really bored for me~~~

haiz haiz..what can i do to spend my time ler???
anyone got idea??~~

i just can online everyday to entertain myself lor....
today i've view some dog's picture and video~~~~oh my god~oh my god~~~
i love dog~~dog are so cute~~
especially is golden retriever!! such a smart dog~
but,you know~ i am new here ma~~
so i don't know how to download video from youtube~~
there is a video that i want to introduce, which i think is cute and funny~~
here is the link~~
feel free to have a look~~

besides, here also some cute dog pic that i wanna to share with you all~~
enjoy it~~

i love this picture~~~sooooooo kawaii ne~~~

are they look cute?
i hope i can have one dog in my future too~~

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