Monday, June 28, 2010

Going Back to Jb tomorrow.....

cleaning my room and packing my luggage....
heading to jb on tomorrow evening~~

am feeling happy because will be travel to 3 places after back to jb...

1st, i will go penang at 9th july to 11th july with my lovely friend shenny lew and my good good good best best best tour guide fabian lam~~~~ hippy~~ am sure it's gonna have a happy trip in penang~

2nd, will go singapore at 17th, again. with shenny lew~~~ haha, happy happy~....and,

3rd will go taipei for 6 days with family~~ most happy part~~ i am waiting~~ waiting waiting~

my july seems like full of fun and activities~

However, there's a sad case that i have to face on.....

Degree yr 2 sem 1 result will be release on 14th july~ what a GOOD date!!
Dad you now in somewhere should bless me all the best on my finance 215~
I must pass it!! Especially on this date!

If i fail within the range that that will require me to take a sub test, i will need to rush back to miri within 19th to 22nd to retest. If this happen, my taiwan trip will be gone. and i will suffer again from the fin 215 retest.


In addition, I also not sure whether i will pas or not if i really rush back for retest...

But, if i fail below the range! I don't know whether it's goos or bad.
first, the good thing is, i don't need to rush back to miri for retest, and i can enjoy my taipei trip. But wondering am i still have the happy mood to enjoy or not after result release. lol

Second, it's very sad because if i fail below the range. that's mean. i have to repeat the unit again on next sem! same unit, same tutorial, same lecture class. repeat the same "hard & tough" thing!! and it i maybe only can repeat it again on summer course!!! and and and and it cost me "RM2025" !!!! Walao. no money la..... mummy said pay by my own!!!!
like that better let me die...... i don't wanna live anymore...........T.T how? the best thing to solve this big problem is. bless and wish me luck luck luck!
I must pass it. Fin 215 is the only unit that i worried.....
Must PASS!!! Please!!!!!..........


  1. JIa you~
    Ur dad will Bless u de..=DD..

  2. i m..u duno?!!i tot u know..bcoz only me will use double laugh or smile=DD..=]],remember??hehee..xDD

  3. hahahahha~~~ yea yea!! know liao~~ thanks my dear~~ haha