Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Even though if you drive slowly and carefully, but you also have the possibility to be hit by other car……

3rd of July. About 8pm, Heading to Jusco again, with Munyee… we stopped on the traffic light somewhere near to the Jusco as it is red light. Suddenly, a proton wira come forward to our car with high speed and hits our car t

ail. We are shock. We are queuing on the traffic light and we are not the first car. In front of us is a white color Viva. Fortunately, Munyee has leaved some space between our car and the viva. So, the front car viva is fine~

Then, we get out from our car and see how the situation of the both cars is. Munyee’s car is Toyota Corrella. Don’t know whether am I spelling correctly?

It was an auntie with 2 children in the proton wira. She said she saw the green light was on the traffic light so she just presses her petrol and go but please, all the car is stopped there because of the red light. It’s raining day on that day. Maybe her brake lost control I think?

From sight view, our bomber w

as dropping out which resulting a weird sound from the tire when driving and the car plate is lost on the road side while accident happened, and the bonnets is unable to close and the whole car cannot lock anymore. For my estimation, after the repairing process is done, I think it still has to do painting again…. (As my friend’s car was just re-painted few months ago).

The proton wira was injured badly; I think the water bottle has been broken. And it is most of the part was hurt on the engines side. The car skin was also twisted. It might need to spend huge amount of money on the repairing process.

2 of my friend they come for help keep saying that: “this is the different between Foreign car and Malaysia car”. ==

Therefore, the auntie decides to clai

m her car insurances, about 10pm something, we go Gelang Patah Balai Polis for doing oral record and report.

Actually we are quite relax when we are in the Balai Polis since we are all watching world cup with those polis man n women. Lol. However, Munyee was still shock and nervous as well as the auntie. I can see from her face, she is so worried and scare. She was saying that she feels guilty to bring us such trouble. But things already happened.

What we should learn from this lesson is - always drive carefully and pay full concentration while driving. We realize that life is

really short. More than hundred case of car accident happens every day in anywhere, and how many of them lost their life on the road? It should be grateful that we are all fine from the accident….. cheers!

Okay, so stop driving for one month. Haha. It was a terrible experience.

And hope it will never happen again.

these are the both car picture after accident.