Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Penang trip tomoro~~~

finally... finally.........finaLLY!!

FINALLY..... the day of fun is approach........

Penang~~~ Tomorrow going to Penang luu~~

bored at home for several day already....
no working.... no schooling.... no internet access.....
what's life is this??????? meaningless life......==

Come on~~~ its just a bored life!!!!!!! I should find something to do and
spend the time~~ But i dont know what can i do.... other than housework....
sleep...... out for shopping..... having tea with friends~~watching series~~
and go gaikkan~~ nothing else?! ==

But finally, tomorrow night depart to Penang from JB....
depart by bus at 11.30pm and arriving at 9am ~~ return by plane on coming sunday~~~~

Penang --> JB takes about 9 hours~~~
what a long journey~~~ hoping it will be a pleasant journey.
of course, it must be a safe journey too!
if not you will not see me anymore~~~ haha

so everyone~~ bless me~~ haha

What am i doing now?
hehe~ i am get out from the bored place. at Station 1 now~~~
thought Weehua is going to sing part time tonight. long time no see her already...
but so disappointed.
it was another singer working tonight~~ or i think she is work at another Station 1???

my friend order a very very nice and beautiful beverage~~
see!! Nice Nice~~~~~ hmmm~~ yummy~~


  1. Penang很好玩!!!!!华人地方来的~=DD..Enjoy enjoy yaa..=DD take care urself too oh..=DD

  2. hee~~ okok~~~~ buy you present~~~ hehehehe
    wait me wait me~~^^